Memorial Meadow
Inspired by the slurry wall as the emergent symbol of survival and hope at Ground Zero, we propose for this memorial a partially constructed landscape Composed of a system of earth trays one for each of the fallen, that form a contemplative space. This landscape, which is transformable, submerged and natural, stands in counterpoint to the wall, which is permanent, elevated and constructed. Brought together in a unified composition, these elements represent the affirmation of life as the surviving fragment of the attack the wall symbolizes 'sustainability.' The earth trays, which are designed to support an array of commishioned installations and rituals, represent the continual 'nourishment' and 'renewal' of the site. in proposing a diversity of conditions, the memorial medow acknowlwdges the site's former condition as a tract of 'reclaimed' land while accomodation the evolving complexity of emotions associated with the tragic events of September 11th.

Completed at John Nastasi Architects.
section view
detail view
detail view