This poolhouse structure takes on heroic proportions as it becomes the source of marked physical and spiritual transformation. In the process of its making, the poolhouse rejuvenates its otherwise nondescript site, a residential neighborhood along the Hudson River, while also serving to rehabilitate its inhabitant, a woman stricken with multiple sclerosis.
Site: Three concrete retaining walls form the physical boundaries of the site and structure the rituals of healing as the folded metal plate roof records, in the residue of its patina, the presence, motion and direction of rainwater.
Threshold: Two thresholds, one horizontal the other vertical, organize the inhabitantís ritual of rehabilitation. The horizontal datum, which begins at the ground plane and continues at the water plane, and the vertical datum of seven pivoting glass panels invoke in their materiality three distinct conditions of interiority: the earth- in the approach and submergence of the structure into the site; the glass- in the physical and visual entry to the structure; and the water- in the submergence into the swimming vessel.
Container: Natural illumination is provided my direct, diffuse and reflected light. Light is directed along the interior wall at the underside of the floating roof plane; it is diffused through the five pivoting glass panels with integral angle directional film; and it is reflected off select portions of the exposed, internal face of the metal container.

Completed at John Nastasi Architects.
detail view
exterior view
section view
interior view
detail view