The stalker moves from point to point, but the path is not straight, it is folded--. Each movement carves into the landscape, a passage in the space of experience, or the zone. The movement has it's origin within; the stalker uses desire and chance to move through the zone. The 'stalker's' passage guides believers to the room, the place of the architectonic event:
--The feeling of the stalker can sense it's outcome.
-The chance of the mold/cast create the piece that expresses this magic in folding.
-Drawing begins the process, extracting from the authors visual experience, each drawing a map to the mold.
-The opposition between mold/cast begins the dissolution of the solid/void relationship.
-Tranferrance of identity, either solid/void or void/solid within the same piece creates new opportunites for passage.
-To travel through the site, the landscape created from the drawing and mold, becomes a series of presences.
--The passage of the stalker is an event structure.
-Each frame or fragment becomes a moment in time. Each frame allows event and vision.
-At certain points the fold is imposed on the landscape, at other points the landscape is folded or cut to reveal passages. The site has a within the fold and the creating the fold.
The process is taken as sequence of moves, cuts, folds translations between views, transfigurations, rotations and entrophic dissolutions of the frame that occured previous in this or another sequence . movement in the work exists externally or internally and may move backward or forward.
The conditions depicted are only singular presences in a structure that is everchanging. The moves of the process are folded over like the elements of the construct. The presence is then extruded or again folded. The terms plan section elevation lose clarity as do the terms solid void. The process of folding creates moments when plansection elevation all exist concurrently or none at all. The process becomes a result of the work. Each aspect of the work exists temporarily while the process exists in history. The fold exists in the same way the 'zone' does.
The fold in the ground allows for the histories of different times to grind against one another in a ritual of disruption and destruction when the violences break apart the surface of the earth and pass over each other and in one fold of the earth , time, millions of years apart co-exists in earth as solid as stone, the movement of (archi)tectonic action.
The sequence of the fold, possibly in time or maybe on this plane of reality or in the film being watched as the images intersperse and collide and resulting in unknown and unintentional meanings that borrow from collage, but a moving collage, they occur in a seperate fold of time that allows for the dissappearance of seconds(time) and events occur in a space of time that is not known to anyone else but the self who likes the absence of the overseer of imprisoning time.
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